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Relocating the battery to the trunk...

Parts needed:

  • 14' of 1 gauge wire
  • 4' of 2 gauge wire
  • Battery connections
  • 1 gauge fuse holder
  • 80 amp fuse
  • Battery box
  • Screws

Step 1: Remove your battery (not pictured) and battery tray. You can now attach your positive cable to the original positive cable. Your original negative cable can either be tucked away in the engine bay or removed.

Step 2: On the front of the wheel well is a rubber grommet with a ABS line running through it. Remove the grommet and trim until it will allow the cable to run through.

Step 3: Your going to have to remove the plastic liner inside of the wheel well, once removed zip tie the cable to the ABS wire and follow it to the back of the wheel well where you'll find a second rubber grommet.

Step 4: This grommet is just a plug, remove and cut a hole large enough to accept the cable and replace the grommet. You can now go ahead and replace the plastic liner inside of the wheel well.

Step 5: It's hard to see the cable in this picture, but this is where it emerges from Step 4. Remove the glove box and you'll see the cable in the upper back corner above the ECU. Pull the cable down behind the ECU and continue underneath the carpet.

Step 6: Your going to have to remove the front seat, kick panel, front door sill, lower b-pillar trim piece, seat belt trim piece, rear door sill, and back seat. The carpet will then be free to pull up and run the cable. There is a hole in the rail the front seat bolts too, makes for a good spot to run the cable through.

Step 7: Replace all seats, trim pieces, glove box (not pictured). The rather large 1 gauge cable isn't noticable at all under the carpet.

Step 8: We're now approaching the area of the car where we'll need to interupt the positive cable with our fuse, a good spot to mount the fuse holder is the strut tower. Next, we need to anchor the battery box, finding a spot is rather difficult. The 2 most popular places are pictured, make sure the battery box is bolted down securely. Under the spare tire are several drain plugs, remove one and replace with a grommet, run the 2 gauge cable from battery box through the hole to a suitable grounding spot on the frame.

Step 9: Both the positive and negative cables are run so the only thing left to do is to place the battery in the box and attach the cables... time to go out hunting for Honda's! ;-)